Superhydrophobic Coatings with Edible Materials

Researchers collaboration develop bio-based coatings for a variety of daily consumed liquid products


We used FDA-approved, edible materials to fabricate superhydrophobic coatings in a simple, low cost, scalable, single step process. Our coatings display high contact angles and low roll off angles for a variety of liquid products consumed daily and facilitate easy removal of liquids from food containers with virtually no residue. Even at high concentrations, our coatings are nontoxic, as shown using toxicity tests.


Wei Wang, Karsten Lockwood, Lewis M. Boy, Matthew D. Davidson, Sanli Movafagh, Hamed Vahabi, Salman R. Khetani and Arun K. Kota


ACS publications, press release, 2016-07-12.


American Chemical Society (ACS)
Colorado State University
University of Illinois