Summit meeting among experts on renewable resources

Everyone’s talking about climate change and setting their sights on 2020. If the German government is to have its way, 20 per cent of energy EU-wide will be obtained from renewable resources such as solar, wind and bio-mass by then. The current figure is 11.6 per cent. The list of ideas for protection of the environment is long but current debates often fail to mention what has already been achieved: e.g. around 170,000 heat pump heating systems are in use throughout Germany with 44,000 new systems installed in 2006 alone. And vehicles are fuelled at some 1,900 bio-diesel pumps throughout Germany. “People have been thinking about organic resources for quite some time now”, claims Johann Fuchsgruber, Chairman of the Board at Messe Erfurt AG.

Experts met in the Erfurt Exhibition Centre for the first International Symposium on “Materials made from Renewable Resources” back in 1997. Meanwhile, the attracts up to 4,000 trade visitors from all over Europe. Pioneers, users and interested visitors seeking cross-sector dialogue in the future market of “Renewable Resources” will be back at the between 6 and 9 September 2007. The Exhibition on Renewable Resources this year is regarded as a summit meeting among experts with three conferences including and exhibition and European Co-operation Exchange. The 6th International Symposium on “Materials made from Renewable Resources” focuses on organic composites, bio-polymers, adhesives and bonding agents as well as wood materials. Furthermore, the 1st International Conference on Vegetable Oil Fuels and the Conference on Bio-gas are also taking place.

While the latest discoveries concerning renewable energy resources are being discussed, consumers can test their usefulness in practice: at the HAUS + TECHNIK building fair taking place parallel to the in the Exhibition Centre. Here, too, everything involves the aspects of saving energy – an issue which is impossible for any house-owner to ignore in the face of exploding heating and electricity bills. As a single ticket is valid for both exhibitions, visitors can first obtain information on the products, ideas and innovations associated with renewable energies and sustainable raw materials before convincing themselves that these intelligent solutions can work in their own homes, too.

Thanks to a combination of knowledge and experience, it is possible for sustainable raw materials to be seen as fuel sources instead of mere rape fields in full bloom, e.g. in the form of bio-diesel. Interested experts and exhibitors can register for both exhibitions until 15 June 2007.

*Source: German Ministry of Agriculture

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Messe Erfurt AG, 2007-03-16.