Stellar Films launches sustainable personal care films made from Cardia Biohybrid technology

Biohybrid™ and compostable films are unique in their low carbon and sustainable benefits

image-toolsStellar Films and Cardia Bioplastics partnered to produce sustainable films using Cardia Biohybrid™ patented technology for the personal care and medical products industry. • Environmentally friendly Biohybrid™ films offer high product performance and are cost competitive. • Films are strong and tough while delivering a unique soft touch and warm feel ideal for the personal care industry. • Market launch of these novel films at Outlook Asia 2014, the world’s premier non-woven personal care products conference in Singapore commencing 26 November 2014.

Australian Stellar Films and Cardia Bioplastics partnered to produce environmentally friendly, high quality and cost competitive Biohybrid™ films tailored for the global personal care and hygiene products industry.

Stellar Films are an international manufacturer of finest quality films that fully meet their customers’ needs, including films for the disposable nappy/diaper, feminine hygiene, incontinence and medical disposable markets including films for packing of surgical instruments, surgical drapes and gowns.

Cardia Biohybrid™ proprietary technology combines renewable thermoplastics with polyolefin material to reduce dependence on finite oil resources and lower carbon footprint. The Biohybrid™ film produced on Stellar Films proprietary cast film process exhibits a high performance property profile. It is differentiated through its unique soft touch and warm feel that is ideal for personal care product applications like nappies/diapers, feminine or incontinence products.

Stellar Films will launch the Biohybrid™ film range as environmentally friendly product expansion aimed at capturing a share of the three hundred million dollar hygiene product films market.

Stellar Films Managing Director, Stephen Walters, said: “The combination of performance, environmental profile and cost effectiveness made Cardia Biohybrid™ technology the solution for Stellar Films product needs. The unique texture of the new Biohybrid™ personal care and medical films gives our customers products with a plush, satin feel and appearance.”

Cardia Bioplastics Managing Director, Dr Frank Glatz, said: “Stellar Films is an innovative company, that has developed a strong market position in the personal care and medical films industry. Collaborating with them presents an exciting opportunity to develop high performance Biohybrid™ and compostable films that are tailored to the global personal care market and are unique in their offering and their low carbon and sustainable benefits.”

“Our partnership with Stellar Films will enable their personal care films customers to purchase innovative film products with reduced dependence on finite oil resources, lower carbon footprint and differentiated product properties.”

Stellar Films new range of Biohybrid™ Films will be launched at Outlook Asia 2014, the world’s premier non-woven personal care products conference in Singapore commencing 26 November 2014.


About Stellar Films

Stellar Films is a Melbourne-based manufacturer of high quality film for personal care and medical product applications. Our heritage in manufacturing quality personal care film products spans over 25 years with manufacturing facilities in Melbourne, Australia and Port Klang, Malaysia. Over the last ten years, the Stellar Films Group has worked to develop partnerships with customers in over twenty seven countries throughout North America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Australia/New Zealand. Our goal is to provide our customers with film, service and technical backup in a package that represents ……..”Affordable Quality”.


Cardia Bioplastics, press release, 2014-11-13.


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