Spit-activated biobased batteries, glow-in-the-dark trees, kombucha clothes, biobased root canals, breakthroughs in degradable plastics, straws: The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the week of August 29th

Here are the top innovations in the advanced bioeconomy for the week of August 29th

Yep, it’s been a heck of a week if you’re looking for any of the following: Spit-activated, biobased batteries, glow-in-the-dark…

Full text: http://www.biofuelsdigest.com/bdigest/2018/08/28/spit-activated-biobased-batteries-glow-in-the-dark-trees-kombucha-clothes-hydrogels-for-biobased-root-canals-breakthroughs-in-degradable-plastics-straws-the-digests-top-10-innovations/


Jim Lane


Biofuels Digest, 2018-08-28.


American Chemical Society (ACS)
Biofuels Digest
Mango Materials
New York University
University of Georgia


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