SPI Bioplastics Council Launches Expanded Membership Structure

New Membership Categories Extends Reach to Growing Bioplastics Industry

The Bioplastics Council, a special interest group of SPI: the Plastics Industry Trade Association, today announced an expansion of its membership structure to provide a forum for a wider range of bioplastics-related companies and organizations.

The SPI Bioplastics Council was initially launched in order to provide a forum for resin and additive suppliers, as well as processors, equipment suppliers and distributors, to promote the development of bioplastics as an integral part of the plastics industry and who are actively engaged in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) region. In order to extend its reach to a growing bioplastics market, the Council has announced two new membership categories: Associate Membership and Professional/Trade Association Membership.

Associate Membership is open to brand owners, retailers of bioplastics products, providers of industrial services, publishers, research consulting partnerships, and others who devote a significant part of their efforts to the bioplastics industry in the NAFTA region. The Professional and Trade Association Membership is open to individuals and trade associations engaged in activities directly related to the development or utilization of bioplastics and who are not eligible for the other membership categories.

“As the bioplastics market continues to grow, the SPI Bioplastics Council is excited to expand its membership opportunities accordingly,” said Melissa Hockstad, SPI’s vice president, science, technology and regulatory affairs. “The Bioplastics Council serves the need for a place where all interested stakeholders can collaborate on a variety of bioplastics initiatives.”

Launched in 2008, the Bioplastics Council’s current membership is comprised of Arkema, BASF Corporation, Cereplast, Inc., DuPont, Jamplast, NatureWorks LLC, Nypro, PolyOne, Teknor Apex and Telles (a Metabolix/ADM Joint Venture).

Learn more about the group at its web site: http://www.bioplasticscouncil.org/.

Membership and other inquiries should be addressed to
Melissa Hockstad – SPI Vice President,
Science, Technology and Regulatory Affairs,
email: mhockstad@plasticsindustry.org

About SPI
Founded in 1937, SPI is the plastics industry trade association representing the third largest manufacturing industry in the United States. SPI’s member companies represent the entire plastics industry supply chain, including processors, machinery and equipment manufacturers and raw materials suppliers. The U.S. plastics industry employs 1.1 million workers and provides nearly $379 billion in annual shipments.


Bioplastics Council, press release, 2011-01-10.


Cereplast Inc.
Jamplast Inc.
NatureWorks LLC
PolyOne Corporation
Society of the Plastics Industry Inc (SPI)
Teknor Apex
Telles (Mirel)


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