Solar-powered carbon capture technology leading the way

Australia's first production and deployment of solar-powered Direct Air Capture (DAC) modules to be set by the end of 2022

The announced collaboration between Southern Green Gas and AspiraDAC brings further endorsement of global financial infrastructure company Stripe as its first customer. This sets the scene for an Australian first – production and deployment of solar-powered Direct Air Capture (DAC) modules by the end of 2022.

Our Collaborative Advantage

We have developed a collaborative skills approach across science and industry to develop next-generation, world-first technology. Our Technical Founders Rohan Gillespie, Deanna D’Alessandro and Andrew Hynson come from resources, academia, and manufacturing, respectively, and are spear-heading the development of solar powered DACs from start to finish. With our current prototypes lined up for large-scale manufacturing, we are set to be the first commercially available Australian DAC technology to be deployed and in action.

The Climate Emergency

We are in the midst of a global climate emergency, while we continue on the path to achieving net-zero emissions, there will still be catastrophic amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Technical experts Rohan Gillespie and Prof Deanna D’Alessandro, have been crucial in the research and development of our world-changing carbon removal technology.

“On last count, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere was 419 particles per million – this level is the highest in human history and the number is growing every year,” said Prof D’Alessandro.

“The push for net-zero is critical. However, net-zero is no longer enough according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. All pathways that can lead to global warming of 1.5-2 degrees must include carbon removal to have an effect.”

In the last two years, Australia has admitted 1 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. To mitigate these carbon dioxide emissions through natural resources, Australia would need to plant a forest the size of New South Wales. With the lack of arable land available to execute forestation of this size, we have developed our DAC technology to achieve the same goal with 99.7 per cent less land.

New Generation DACs with Fossil Free Foundations

Our specialist team based at Southern Green Gas, has developed a new generation of DAC technology. It combats the issue other carbon capture technologies face which is a reliance on fossil fuels to power the DAC unit. SGG DAC technology runs completely on solar power.

The technology’s green features extend to the carbon capture cartridges within the DAC module unit. Adopting advanced additive manufacturing processes, the cartridges and Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are designed to be recycled at the end of their lifecycle, supporting a fully circular economy.

With a system that is modular and scalable, the DAC units can be individually maintained and upgraded, allowing for minimum material waste and maximum efficiency.

Built for Australia’s Harsh Environment

Working in collaboratively with traditional landowners and regional communities, DAC module deployment is planned for vast areas of non-arable land in remote Australia.

Through our extensive and robust research and development process, SGGs DAC technology is created to withstand the harshest conditions; built for the Australian climate to withstand cold, extreme heat and humidity.

Manufacturing Australia’s Economy

With every great innovation, comes great opportunities. The roll out of our advanced technology will open the gates for new jobs in manufacturing, engineering, renewable energy, trade and more. Tapping into a brand new industry will not only provide a new array of jobs but also open up opportunities for further growth and development of sustainable energy and e-fuels.

With the potential to export advanced technology and the subsequent new renewable sources, Australia has the capability to become a global leader in a billion-dollar industry.


Southern Green Gas, press release, 2022-07-06.


Southern Green Gas SGG


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