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InCrops voucher scheme enabling SMEs to reclaim 40% of costs incurred making innovative R&D

The InCrops innovation voucher scheme allows small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the east of England to access expertise and facilities from research organisations to develop or adopt bio-based products made from plants, algae and agricultural food wastes.

The scheme, funded by the European Regional Development Fund, enables small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to reclaim 40% of costs incurred when working with private and public research organisations, making innovative research and development an affordable option for companies of any size.

The scheme, an easily accessible method of funding early stage innovation, is open to SMEs in the region looking for support in developing innovative ideas from new, improved products, processes or services through to technical consultancy.

The number of UK companies collaborating with research institutions has increased rapidly in recent years. Despite this increase, there are still a large number of universities, research institutions, and private companies that are not yet involved in collaborations with SMEs. InCrops is inviting these organisations to submit their details and become listed on their database of service providers.

Alongside the voucher scheme, InCrops is also able to offer up to 12 hours of free business support to eligible SMEs.

For further information and to apply for the scheme, visit this page. Service providers interested in offering expertise in InCrops sectors are invited to submit to be included on the database.

Alongside the InCrops Delegated Grants Scheme, the Adapt Low Carbon Group offers a range of financial instruments to support SMEs in the East of England developing low carbon products, including the Low Carbon Innovation Fund’s venture capital funding and business support schemes. See for more information.


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Adapt Low Carbon Group
European Regional Development Fund


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