Segetis, Inc. Announces Production Capacity Expansion and Product Regulatory Approvals

Five products have successfully cleared registration with the U.S. EPA

Segetis, Inc., a leading biobased chemicals innovator, announced today that construction is underway on expanded production capacity for the manufacture of the company’s solvent and non-phthalate plasticizer products. Scheduled for completion by summer 2011 and located at a contract manufacturing partner in the Upper Midwest, the new facility will be capable of producing several million pounds of Segetis product. Powered by its Javelin™ Technology, Segetis solvents and plasticizers deliver unique performance attributes that have generated strong market interest in several application areas.

The investment in this production scale up follows notification that five Segetis products have successfully cleared registration with the U.S. EPA and are eligible for U.S. TSCA listing. Of the five products, Segetis has commenced commercial manufacture of three biodegradable products, which are now listed on the U.S. TSCA inventory. “With TSCA listing now in place, the Segetis team is aggressively pursuing commercial adoption of our products,” said Atul Thakrar, Segetis CEO. “Our new production capacity dramatically expands our ability to service the marketplace, accelerating the next phase of our commercial activity,” Thakrar continued.

About Segetis, Inc.
Segetis, a technology-enabled green chemistry company, produces versatile, cost-effective chemical building blocks which harness the power and reliability of renewable agricultural and forestry resources. Powered by its Javelin™ Technology, these proprietary materials are backed by a strong intellectual asset portfolio built on filed composition of matter patents and a management team that leverages over 150 years experience in new material and renewable technology commercialization. Segetis uses these biobased monomers to make chemicals and plastics that address multiple billion dollar markets, transforming the chemical industry by offering unique material properties, cost effective economics and a dramatically improved health and environmental footprint.

Brian Tockman
Segetis, Inc.
phone: (763) 795-7200


Segetis Inc., press release, 2011-02-02.


Segetis Inc.


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