Seeking Delta: Biofuels, algae, natgas, CO<sub>2</sub> and the finding of true value

What’s it all about? Finding the delta between the cost of feedstock, the price of fuel added to the D value (the RIN number). That’s the secret, says Aemetis CEO Eric McAfee.

How’s that work again?

“What you really are in the business of,” Aemetis CEO Eric McAfee reflects, “is capturing the arbitrage between the commodity price of your most expensive feedstock — and the price of your finished molecule plus the D value. That’s the RIN value in the Renewable Fuel Standard. There’s the D3 RIN, for cellulosic, the D4 RIN for biodiesel, the D5 RIN for an advanced biofuel and the D6 RIN for corn ethanol. The D value.”

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Tags: corn ethanol, Natural Law of Alternative Commodity Markets, biomass, biodiesel, CCU, cyanobacteria technology, biomass oil


BiofuelsDigest, 2013-09-08.


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