Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture Awards Research Funding to Metabolix Oilseeds, Inc.

Research Funding Will Help Company's Continued Research of Oilseed Crops as a Sustainable Alternative to Petroleum

Metabolix, Inc., a bioscience company focused on developing clean, sustainable solutions for plastics, chemicals and energy, said that its subsidiary, Metabolix Oilseeds, Inc., has been awarded $203,000 in research funding by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture through its Agriculture Development Fund (ADF).

In a release, the Company said that it will use the funding to accelerate its ongoing research and development of oilseed crops, specifically Camelina sativa, as a potential source for bioplastics and other petroleum substitutes.

Metabolix Oilseeds continues to research Camelina’s potential as a sustainable energy feedstock. Camelina offers several distinctive agricultural advantages including its ability to thrive on marginal, non-irrigated land and its limited culinary use, which separates Camelina from the food chain. Camelina is a very good candidate as a production vehicle for PHA polymers, and Metabolix Oilseeds has produced PHA polymers in the oil seed itself. Metabolix said this funding will help to support the company’s research and development into very low cost production sources for PHA polymers.

“Saskatchewan recognizes its competitive advantage in a variety of oil seed crops,” said Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Bob Bjornerud. “This research funding will help create further opportunities for producers and advance our agriculture industry.”

“The award is yet another example of the positive support that we have received from the Canadian and Saskatchewan governments for crop research and development in Saskatchewan,” said Johan van Walsem, president of Metabolix Oilseeds, Inc. “We will use this generous funding for the evaluation of an advanced gene expression system in Camelina which has the potential to accelerate the development of commercial bioplastic production.”

ADF provides funding to help institutions, companies and industry organizations conduct research, development and value-added activities that will benefit Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers.


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Agriculture Development Fund (ADF) (Government Saskatchewan)
Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture


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