Sales of INEOS Nitriles new world-first bio-based acetonitrile for Pharmaceutical production begin, offering 90% reduction in carbon footprint

INVIREOTM Acetonitrile is also now available from INEOS Nitriles. A core solvent, acetonitrile is necessary for the development, purification and production of many pharmaceuticals such as insulin and vaccines

INEOS Nitriles has today confirmed the world first sales of INVIREOTM ​a new bio-based Acetonitrile necessary for the production of many pharmaceuticals such as insulin and vaccines its role in the detection of covid 19 and its vaccine.

INVIREOTM Acetonitrile is produced using a controlled and certified (ISCC+) mass balance route which allows INEOS Nitriles to offer customers products with the same performance as conventionally produced acetonitrile, but with a 90% reduction[1] in their carbon footprint.

Gordon Adams, Business Director for INEOS Nitriles and INEOS Phenol businesses said: “This is a significant milestone in the delivery of INEOS Nitriles sustainability strategy. Our new bio-based acetonitrile has the potential to significantly cut the carbon footprint of pharmaceutical products, which are essential to our everyday lives and healthcare. Pharma is an energy-intensive industry, so companies that use our acetonitrile can deliver an immediate cut in their carbon footprint.”

Overall, acetonitrile’s versatility as a high purity solvent and chemical intermediate makes it indispensable in numerous processes, ranging from pharmaceutical manufacturing and analytical chemistry to battery technology and organic synthesis. Many pharmaceutical molecules are synthesized in solvents, and acetonitrile’s unique properties make it essential for this purpose.

INEOS is the world’s largest producer of Acetonitrile and is the only producer operating in Europe, USA and Asia.

[1] CO2 reduction is based on -1/1 approach towards the inclusion of biogenic uptake


INEOS Nitriles, INEOS Group, joint press release, 2024-04-23.


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