Stakeholder workshop “Roadmap for the Chemical Industry in Europe towards a Bioeconomy”

Over the last 1.5 years, the RoadToBio consortium developed suggestions on how to produce 25% of organic chemical products in Europe bio-based by 2030

This was done in close cooperation with many stakeholders from e.g. industry, associations, NGOs, and from academia. At this workshop, we will share the insights we have gained so far and discuss with you the results of the analysis, the proposed actions and the messages that can help to facilitate the participatory development of Europe’s bioeconomy.

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • To present the analysis on nine product groups with a high potential to switch from a fossil-based to a bio-based production pathway and discuss their market opportunities. These nine products groups are:
    • Agrochemicals
    • Adhesives
    • Cosmetics
    • Lubricants
    • Man-Made fibres
    • Paints and Coatings
    • Plastics
    • Solvents
    • Surfactants
  • To discuss general barriers that may hinder the development of Europes bioeconomy and the recommended actions to overcome these.
  • To explain how bio-based products could be communicated better and what tools and messages can be used to engage stakeholders and the public.

The event will take place on 18 February 2019 at Bluepoint Brussels, Belgium.
You will find the current draft of the agenda here. We kindly invite you to register for the conference by 13 February 2019 via Email to In order to enable intensive work during the workshop, we would ask you to indicate which two product groups you are particularly interested in.

This conference will be the final event of the RoadToBio project. We look forward to seeing you in Brussels!


RoadToBio, 2019-01-31.


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