Renewable feedstocks for lubricants, paints, coatings and inks

Cargill Industrial Oils and Lubricants

Cargill have established a group that is devoted to the promotion of vegetable oil based alternatives to mineral oils. Cargill’s Industrial Oils and Lubricants grew out of the traditional USA linseed oil business and focuses on the needs of non-food customers. The group has now expanded to Europe, Asia and South America with research at Cargill’s Central Research Laboratories in Minneapolis USA.

Cargill have collaborated with seed growers and farmers to advance high oleic oil technology. High oleic vegetable oils offer excellent lubricity. Their oxidative stability and low temperature properties are much improved when compared to traditional vegetable oils. Cargill have developed new technologies based on vegetable oils that offer even better low temperature properties and oxidative stability. The base oils and esters, marketed under the industrial brand name Agri-Pure™, are included in hydraulic oils and have potential in a range of other applications including engine oils. Successful formulation work on Cargill’s ester Agri-Pure™ 560 has been achieved by a number of companies, including B.f.B Oil Research in Gembloux, Belgium.

Cargill Industrial Oils and Lubricants have recently developed a line of hydraulic fluids and gear oils, based on vegetable feedstock. The NovusTM fluids are available for re-branding by customers for whom manufacture of bio-based fluids doesn’t fit their manufacturing strategy or development strengths. Working to satisfy customer requirements has enabled Cargill to gain Denison HF-2 and HF-6 approvals for hydraulic oils based on their Agri-PureTM range. This, combined with NSF H-1 approval for food grade products and base oils, means that use of these products can be advantageous in areas where incidental food contact is possible or environmental concerns are present.

For paints, coatings and inks customers, Cargill’s laboratories are developing a line of low-VOC solutions, marketed under the brand name Oxi-Cure™. These new products are an addition to Cargill’s portfolio, which includes reactive diluents and a range of further processed poly-unsaturated oils. In this industrial oils segment, Cargill also offers solutions to customers who are active in personal care, wood treatment, adjuvants and other non-food applications.

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