Renewable Chemistry Start-Up Award 2015

Glucan Biorenewables Wins Sofinnova Partners Renewable Chemistry Start-Up Award

Sofinnova Partners, the top renewable chemistry venture capital firm, has announced that Glucan Biorenewables is the winner of the prestigious Renewable Chemistry Start-Up Award. Following a public vote with almost 8,000 votes cast, the Top-5 companies were shortlisted. These companies then presented yesterday to a jury of industry experts at the BIO World Congress in Montreal.

The Top-5 shortlisted companies (in alphabetical order):

  • Eggplant reuses wastewater as raw material to produce eco-friendly products such as high-performance bioplastics (PHA) through a zero waste process
  • GFBiochemicals is the first company to produce levulinic acid at commercial scale directly from biomass by using a proprietary technology in their commercial-scale plant in Caserta, Italy
  • Glucan Biorenewables is producing furan derivatives from biomass. The furfural platform will be used to launch other value-added co-products: 5-hydroxyl-methyl furfural (HMF) and downstream derivatives
  • Leaf Resources Ltd has developed a new pretreatment technology that enables plant biomass to be converted efficiently and economically into highly usable cellulose products
  • Syngulon is developing original genetic technologies to improve the efficiency of microorganisms involved in industrial bio production

Denis Lucquin, Managing Partner at Sofinnova Partners said “Sofinnova Partners is delighted to have launched this award and by the response received as we are constantly seeking ways to support cutting-edge renewable chemistry start-ups.”

This award was supported by Sustainability Consult, the leading bioeconomy communications and public relations agency, committed to building the biobased industries through credible communications, media outreach and stakeholder engagement.

Sustainability Consult CEO Kathryn Sheridan said “Sofinnova Partners and Sustainability Consult both excel at taking start-ups from concept to commercialisation. We work together to help develop the biobased industries in a sustainable way.”


Sofinnova Partners, press release, 2015-07-20.


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