Relement successfully completed pilot plant run for bio MPA

Relement proudly announces a major milestone achieved: the successful completion of a ground-breaking pilot plant run to produce 3-methylphthalic anhydride (bio MPA)

Last year, Relement contracted Solvay Research and Innovation Centre in Lyon (F) for this scale-up. This achievement marks a significant step towards revolutionizing the chemicals industry with our sustainable and innovative solutions, starting with bio MPA which is a suitable ingredient for coating resins, epoxies, polyols and more.

After extensive laboratory studies, Relement gave the green light to proceed with the pilot plant run. Throughout this process, several important optimizations to enhance the production process were implemented. Relement’ technology, hailed as “marvellous” by the experienced pilot plant crew, delivered flawless execution and consistent, robust production runs.

What sets the bio MPA process apart is its accessibility. By utilizing commonly used industry-standard equipment, Relement has developed a solution that enables larger contract manufacturing organizations to produce substantial quantities of bio MPA. This accessibility positions Relement as a company capable to meet the increasing demand for sustainable chemical solutions. Bio MPA increases the biobased content of an application, and additionally, it can also boost the performance. 

The successful completed pilot plant run provided Relement 10s of Kgs of sample material for customers. With the delivery of the technology package to produce bio MPA, Relement is now ready to explore strategic partnerships with contract manufacturing organisations. 

Relement expresses gratitude to the Solvay R&IC team for their invaluable knowledge, support, and assistance throughout this endeavour. Their assistance has been instrumental in propelling us closer to our goal. Relement dares to inspire: all chemistry green!


Relement, press release, 2023-07-06.




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