Rapidly-Biodegradable Hydrophobic Material

A New Approach to Biodegradable Products

Rademate, Ltd has developed a rapidly biodegradable hydrophobic material (RBHM) as a coating for cellulose-based materials. RBHM is a new, hydrophobic, strong, inexpensive, and completely biodegradable material that is environmentally friendly. RBHM greatly improves the properties of both paper and plastics packaging materials. Due to its biodegradable nature, RBHM is ideal for disposable loose fill bags and
packages. The material can be used as a commodity in trade, industry and agriculture for a wide range of applications.

To date, most attempts to produce biodegradable products for consumers focused on developing plastics that could biodegrade. RBHM approaches biodegradable products from the other direction — making a material with the same physical properties as plastic, except the material biodegrades completely in the same time as regular paper bags.

Download of the complete file here.


Press Release by Israeli Research Center Polymate vom 2003-07-24.