Quo vadis, cascading use of biomass?

Policy paper on background information on the cascading principle provided by nova-Institute

Cascading use of biomass increases the resource efficiency, the sustainable use and the generation of value added from biomass and is part of the circular economy. This paper will first discuss benefits of and commitments to cascading use. A short look at current policy shows that the existing political framework does not support cascading use – on the contrary: it gives incentives for the direct energetic use of biomass.

In a second step, the paper will highlight the most important arguments for and against cascading use that are currently on the table, since parallel to the increasing awareness and political commitments to the cascading principle, activities can be observed to discredit the cascading use of biomass. Showing the arguments against the cascading principle, putting them into context and commenting on them is the core of the paper. Finally, the results of a survey on barriers and hurdles for cascading use of biomass are presented.

The aim of the policy paper on cascading use is to provide experts in the field of bio-based economy with comprehensive background information on the cascading issue in order to be better able to share and join the recent discussion.

Download the paper “Quo vadis, cascading use of biomass?” as PDF file for free at bio-based.eu/policy


nova-Institut GmbH, 2015-03-18.


nova-Institut GmbH


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