PURALACT®B3-modified resins significantly reduce viscosity of coating resins, enabling high solid systems

Company to demonstrate innovative performance building block at ECS

Corbion’s PURALACT® B3 is a new, commercially-available, performance building block for the coatings market. It is a unique, renewable, raw material for coating resins with very high purity that enhances resin efficiency and improves coating performance. Corbion Purac will demonstrate the reduced viscosity and other benefits of resins based on PURALACT B3 for both coil- and decorative solvent based coatings at the ECS (European Coatings Show) 2015, in Nuremburg, Germany, between April 21 and 23, 2015.

By incorporating PURALACT B3 into solvent-based systems, the viscosity of resins can be reduced by up to 50% at comparable molecular weight. Formulation of high solid systems by adjusting the solvent content is possible, leading to simultaneous cost savings through reduced solvent use. For example, the amount of solvent required in alkyd resins for decorative coatings can be significantly decreased.  The result is a system with a lower Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content that enables a shift towards high solid formulations, with reduced costs in the final coating system. Additional resin efficiency parameters include an improved overall reaction yield and a significant reduction in reaction waste water.

The unique properties of PURALACT B3 modified coatings provide additional benefits, such as improved coating performance. For example, in alkyd based decorative coatings, they enhance gloss and its retention, and shorten the drying time. Furthermore, in saturated polyester for coil coatings, the adhesion on metal substrates is strengthened while the hardness-flexibility balance is enhanced. At the same time, environmental footprint is reduced through increased renewable content and a reduced carbon footprint. Corbion Purac’s PURALACT B3 enhances resin efficiency and improves coating performance.

Visit Corbion Purac’s experts at booth number 1-518 at the ECS for technical, -formulation and commercial advice.


About Corbion

Corbion is the global market leader in lactic acid, lactic acid derivatives and lactides, and a leading company in functional blends containing enzymes, emulsifiers, minerals and vitamins. The company delivers high performance biobased products made from renewable resources and applied in global markets such as bakery, meat, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, home and personal care, packaging, automotive, coatings and adhesives. Its products have a differentiating functionality in all kinds of consumer products worldwide. In 2014, Corbion generated annual sales of € 770.1 million and had a workforce of 1,893 employees. Corbion is listed on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam. For more information: www.corbion.com


Corbion Purac, press release, 2015-03-26.


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