Purac Puregas announce plans for UK’s biggest biomethane to grid plant

New plant will be large enough to heat around 7,500 homes - location details still secret

Purac Puregas Ltd has announced a deal to supply Scotia Gas Networks (SGN) with a biomethane to grid upgrading plant.

The deal, which was announced on the 17th May, is significant because of the size of the project.

Jan Molin, Managing Director of Purac Puregas, said: “This contract award represents a significant step change in the scale of biogas upgrading projects in the UK and it’s a great honour to have been selected to work with SGN.”

The venture capitalises on the growing interest in delivering ‘green gas’ to the national grid, which could be an important outlet for biogas according to the UK Government’s AD Strategy and Action Plan.

Biomethane from the anaerobic digestion of wastes could potentially deliver as much as 10 per cent of the UK’s domestic gas demand.

In some European countries, this use of biogas is already well established. Around 60 plants are connected to the gas grid in Germany and increasing numbers are being built in Switzerland, Holland and Sweden. However, there are currently only three biomethane to grid plants installed in the UK.

The new plant being developed by Purac Puregas and SGN will upgrade around 2000 m3 of biogas to grid specification every hour, making it four times larger than the Rainbarrow Farm plant in Poundbury, Dorset, which is currently the UK’s largest biomethane to grid plant and is also operated by SGN.

At this scale the plant will be large enough to heat around 7,500 homes. No details of the planned location of the plant were given.


NNFFC, 2013-05-23.


Scotia Gas Networks (SGN)