Philippines: BAR develops cheap, biodegradable leather tanning degreasing agent

APDC studied the possibility to replace nonylphenol to reduce imports through a combination of bile and paraffin

The Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) is developing a cheaper and biodegradable leather tanning degreasing agent made from pig’s bile and paraffin from pig’s eyes to enable the local industry to conform to organic leather processing standards of foreign markets.

BAR is overseeing a project of the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI)on the replacement of nonylphenol ethoxylate, a non-biodegradable degreasing agent used in the tanning of pig skin.

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Tags: leather-goods industry, animal fat, oil, paraffin wax, waste material, tanneries, fish skin


PhilStar, 2012-09-02.


Animal Product Development Center (APDC)
Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR)
Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI)


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