PHBOTTLE: New biodegradable packaging with antioxidant properties

Made ​​from the sugars present in the wastewater

AIMPLAS (Instituto Tecnológico del Plástico) and the technology center Ainia participate in the project in addition to the company Citresa, the European Association of Fruit Juices (AIJN) and nine other international partners.

The project seeks to answer two of the most pressing current problems in the food industry: management of wastewater and the generation of biodegradable packaging for their products.

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Tags: juice industry, microencapsulation, Wastewater, PHB, LCA, non-food packaging


Natural Plastics, 2012-06-07.


AIJN European Fruit Juice Association
AIMPLAS (Asociación de Investigación de Materiales Plásticos y Conexas)
Ainia- centro tecnológico
European Commission
Mega Empack Inc.
National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI)
Omniform SA
Sivel Limited
Vanguard SD RL


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