Paper-Plastic-Composite for Artek furniture concept

Recycled paper makes tough and humidity resistant material

In the spirit of its radical founders, Artek invests in materials research and engineering, in the development of systems and standards, and in longlasting design. The highly ecological and ethical 10-UNIT SYSTEM is made from UPM ProFi, an environmentally innovative wood plastic composite.

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<td style=HR Shigeru Ban and L-units
Photo: Romain Sellier

Its principal raw materials are recycled paper and plastic. The composite has proved to be tough and humidity resistant. It is an environmentally sustainable material that can be disposed of by incineration, or recycled back into the production process. All materials in the composite are non-toxic.

Designed by Shigeru Ban, the 10-UNIT SYSTEM is a novel furniture concept that will be launched in Milan in April 2009. The fully modular system is based on L-shaped units that can be combined in all sorts of ways to make furniture – a chair, a table, a bench. Putting furniture together and disassembling it is made easy by the ingenious yet simple design. The standard colours of the 10-UNIT SYSTEM are black and white; other colours are available on request.

Artek, Shigeru Ban and UPM: Continuing a successful co-operation
Artek, Shigeru Ban and UPM continue their collaboration from earlier years. “Space of Silence”, the Artek Pavilion designed by Shigeru Ban for the Milan Triennale Garden in spring 2007, was built from the UPM ProFi wood plastic composite. The pavilion was based on a structural unit that was repeated multiple times to form an elongated exhibition space. The Artek Pavilion was extraordinary proof of the efficiency of systems thinking and repetition, distinctive of Ban’s architecture and design. The pavilion was sold at Sotheby’s sale of Important 20th Century Design in 2008.

UPM ProFi wood plastic composite is a unique material that combines the best characteristics of wood fibres and plastic. Manufactured mainly from recycled material, the composite has proven to be tough and humidity resistant. The principle raw material for the wood plastic composite is self-adhesive label materials made of paper and plastic, which is surplus from UPM’s label stock production. UPM ProFi is an environmentally sustainable product, which can be disposed of through incineration or recycled back into the production process.

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Artek, 2009-04 and UPM, 2009-07.


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