nova’s experts (re)introduced: Lara Dammer

Head of the „Economy & Policy“ Department

For almost six years, Lara Dammer has been heading the “Economy & Policy” Department at nova-Institute. She holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and has been a part of the nova team since 2012. After her maternal leave, she is now back with new energy to tackle the challenges of a renewable carbon world.

At nova-Institute, Lara is an expert for all things related to policy and strategy for a renewable carbon-based economy. Her main topics of work are the level playing field for a bioeconomy; policy framework for CCU; renewable energy, plastic and waste policies; circular economy; standardisation of bio-based products; labelling, communication and dissemination.

Some of Lara’s recent projects include a study on biodegradable plastic policies around the world, nova Sessions on the European Circular Economy and Plastics strategy, a study on the policy framework for innovative cellulose fibres and work on the recycling of biocomposites. She heads the working group “Policy” of the Renewable Carbon Initiative led by nova.


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nova-Institut GmbH, 2021-10-29.


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