nova’s experts (re)introduced: Dipl.-Ing. Christopher vom Berg

Executive Manager of the Renewable Carbon Initiative and Deputy Head Economy and Policy

Dipl.Ing Christopher vom Berg

Economy & Policy, Renewable Carbon Strategy, Sustainability

Christopher vom Berg is part of nova-Institute since October 2017 and has worked on various projects for the Sustainability department and for the Economy & Policy department, in which he acts as Deputy Head since 2020. In the same year, Christopher was co-responsible for founding the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI), where he, due to the growth and success of the RCI, took over increasing responsibilities over time. Today, he is one of two Executive Managers of the RCI. In his daily business, Christopher mostly works on managing and further growing the RCI, developing strategic concepts for transforming the chemical industry towards renewable carbon, and investigating policies and regulations that impact the renewable carbon family.

Background and expertise

Christopher completed a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master/Diplom-Ingenieur in “Natural Resources Management and Ecological Engineering”, with emphasis on biotechnology, sustainability in a globalized economy and ecosystems. After his studies, Christopher interned at the German GIZ in Eschborn and at Climate-KIC in Zurich, to broaden his perspective on sustainability and life cycle thinking. Before joining nova-Institute, Christopher worked in and travelled through Canada and Eastern USA. When he is not pushing towards renewable carbon, Christopher likes to read, play board games and enjoy the recent success of Cologne’s football team.


nova-Institut GmbH, 2022-01-07.


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