nova’s experts (re)introduced: Dipl.-Ec. Dušica Banduka

Project Manager Dissemination, Communication and Press

Dipl.-Ec. Dušica Banduka

Dušica joined the nova-hive in 2021. As part of nova`s dissemination and communication team she supports the effective dissemination and publication of results in various EU research projects such as 3-CO, WaterProof, PERFECOAT and BioReCer, but also national ones like DuroBast, often focusing on the bio-economy. She also covers press activities and the organization of nova conferences like the CO₂-Based Fuels and Chemicals Conference and the Advanced Recycling Conference.

Background and expertise

Dušica has a Master’s Degree in Economic Sciences, where she focussed on environmental innovation, circular economy and motivation psychology, mainly researching variables influencing and shaping consumer behaviour towards environmental innovation and green products. In her previous positions, she was committed to the development of cradle-to-cradle strategies and innovative consumption models and supported international raw material projects all over the globe.

When she is not supporting nova’s dissemination activities, Dušica works as an editor for artistic and scientific publications and occasionally dabbles in illustration. Since 2008, she is also a part of the Soundtrack Cologne team, where she curates video and film art for the See the Sound Festival, exploring the interaction of image, music and sound art. She prefers a nomadic lifestyle and travels frequently for long periods, among others from Canada to Antarctica and back.


nova-Institut GmbH, 2022-05-03.


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