nova’s experts introduced: Lara Dammer

Head of the new department "Economy & Policy"

Lara Dammer is living proof that you can become part of nova’s management team even if you don’t have a beard, contrary to wide-held beliefs. Having graduated in 2010 from Bonn University with a Master’s degree in Political Science, English and History, she spent a year in the Philippines as project assistant in a peacebuilding project. After a few months in business consulting back in Germany, she joined nova’s team as scientific staff in 2012 and was promoted to Head of Department in January 2016.

Foto Lara DammerAt nova-Institute, Lara is an expert for all things related to policy and strategy for a bio-based and CO2-based economy. Her main topics of work are the level playing field for a bioeconomy; renewable energy and agricultural policies; standardisation of bio-based products; labelling, communication and dissemination; cascading use; public procurement and data collection frameworks. She is an active member of working groups of CEN/TC 411 on bio-based products as well as the Commission’s Expert Group on Bio-based Products. As of 2016, she will also be an expert consulting on the Horizon 2020 framework on ‘Societal Challenge 2’.

Lara is currently involved in several EU projects:

Her publications include:

  • Carus, M., L. Dammer (2013): “Industry Report: Food or Non-Food: Which Agricultural Feedstocks Are Best for Industrial Uses?”; Industrial Biotechnology (Vol. 9, No.4).
  • Carus, M., L. Dammer, R. Essel, A. Hermann (2014): “nova-Paper #4 on bio-based economy: Proposals for a Reform of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) to a Renewable Energy and Materials Directive (REMD)”; nova-Institut (ed.).
  • Carus, M., L. Dammer, R. Essel (2014): “Options for Designing a New Political Framework of the European Bio-based Economy”; European Union Foreign Affairs Journal (EUFAJ) (4).
  • Dammer, L., M. Carus (2014): “Study on investment climate in biobased industries in the Netherlands”; Study for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • Dammer, L., M. Carus, A. Raschka, L. Scholz (2013): “Market Developments of and Opportunities for biobased products and chemicals”; nova-Institut (ed.).


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