Novamont presents sustainable solutions at Biofach

Preview of the first compostable yoghurt pot

Novara, 11 February 2015 – Interest in organic food is growing all over the world and the 2015 edition of BIOFACH, the leading trade fair for organic food, which will take place from 11-14 February in Nuremberg, will welcome the leading players from a continuously expanding market.

More than just a label or a certification, ‘organic’ refers to quality and the responsible use of natural resources, the same resources that have always been at the heart of Novamont’s research and innovation. At Biofach 2015 Novamont will present Mater-Bi® solutions aimed at reducing production of plastic waste and ensuring greater environmental, economic and social sustainability for the entire agri-food chain, and particularly for organic production.

Mater-Bi® is the range of bioplastics developed by Novamont which are biodegradable and compostable in compliance with European standards UNI EN 13432 and UNI EN 14995, guaranteeing performance equivalent to traditional plastics but using agriculturally-sourced, renewable resources. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions and cuts consumption of non-renewable energy and resources, completing a virtuous circle: raw materials of agricultural origin are returned to the earth through biodegradation or composting without emitting pollutants.

Foodware solutions

The Mater-Bi® bioplastics range for the foodware sector includes plates, cups, cutlery, bowls, single-portion containers, drinking straws and ice cream cups and scoops that can be disposed of with organic waste and sent for composting by anaerobic digestion, reducing quantities of unsorted waste and significantly cutting back greenhouse gas emissions.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-02-13 um 15.57.53The range will include the first compostable yoghurt pot. Made using a thermoforming process with a grade of Mater-Bi® suitable for cold food, the pot is a further milestone for Novamont’s R&D, which just a few months ago produced the first heat resistant compostable plate made from Mater-Bi®, made with a new grade of biopolymer.
The new bioplastics in the Mater-Bi® range contain a high proportion of renewable materials, can be composted, have been approved for contact with food and present similar moulding performance to polypropylene.

They create extremely important opportunities in the sectors of food packaging and disposable catering tableware, opening the way for the development of even more sustainable solutions that guarantee entirely innovative mechanical, thermomechanical, production and aesthetic performance levels. As well as their high thermal resistance (up to 100° C), the first Mater-Bi® plates for hot food have superior mechanical characteristics, an attractive appearance and composting performance compliant with international standard EN 13432.

Packaging solutions

A range of food packaging solutions will be on display at BIOFACH. These will include:

  • bags for bread. First presentation of this solution made from paper with a window in transparent film: the whole bag can be disposed of together with organic waste;
  • Mater-Bi® food packaging paper. Either extruded or combined with a thin layer of Mater-Bi®, the paper is water-repellent and resistant to oily substances. Food wrapping paper made from Mater-Bi® is ideal for packaging foodstuffs. It is available in various formats and the entire surface is suitable for personalisations;
  • net for wrapping foods: this extruded Mater-Bi® netting is ideal for packaging fresh fruit and vegetables. It can also be disposed of directly with food waste and then sent for composting;

Bioagriculture solutions

In the area of bioagriculture products, Novamont will be presenting mulching film, plant pots and pheromone dispensing hooks and lines. In agricultural mulching the plastic film is placed on the ground to retain moisture, prevent the growth of weeds and maintain a higher soil temperature. Mater-Bi®’s mulching film provides an agronomically and environmentally efficient alternative to traditional mulching film, because at the end of the crop cycle it does not need to be removed or disposed of. Thanks to its ability to biodegrade in the soil – certified “OK Biodegradable soil” – Mater-Bi® mulching film transforms into organic matter, water and carbon dioxide, without releasing harmful substances, thereby drastically minimising the environmental impact and allowing farmers to save time and resources.

All products made from Mater-Bi® guarantee:

  • a C14 renewability percentage above the 50% threshold;
  • cradle-to-grave greenhouse gas emissions per kilo of product significantly lower than those of traditional plastics;
  • recyclability according to the standards of national recycling consortiums;
  • compliance with marine biodegradation standards;
  • biodegradability in composting according to standard UNI EN 13432;
  • sustainable biomass used in production.

Apart from its own stand at BIOFACH 2015 (hall 4, position 161), Novamont will also be manning a corner of the AIAB stand (hall 1, position 1-341b). It has a long history of collaboration with AIAB in research projects through its support for FIRAB. Novamont has also decided to use BIOFACH to promote its partnership with Slowfood, the prestigious international non-profit association committed to promoting good, clean and fair food for all 150 countries in the world.

A pack containing organic oranges, cardoon honey, Mater-Bi® granules and cardoon seeds has been created specially for BIOFACH together with the Slowfood organic presidium, Gargano Agrumi Consortium, Sabox, a producer of sustainable corrugated cardboard packaging, and the courier company, DHL.

About Novamont

Novamont is the leading company in the development and production of materials and biochemicals through the integration of chemistry, the environment and agriculture. With 370 employees (approx. 20% employed in R&D), it registered a turnover of €136 million in 2013 and made continuous investments in research and development activities (6.2% of its 2013 turnover). It has a portfolio of around 1,000 patents. Headquartered in Novara, Novamont has a production facility in Terni and research laboratories in Novara, Terni and Piana di Monte Verna (CE). Novamont also has subsidiaries in Porto Torres (SS), Bottrighe (RO), Terni and Patrica (FR) and commercial offices in Germany, France and the United States. It operates through its own distributors in Benelux, Scandinavia, Denmark, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


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