nova-Session: Raising awareness for sustainable bio-based products through labelling and certification

The three-hour webinar will present different options for certifying the sustainability of biomass and bio-based products and discuss future requirements in the frame of the Green Claim Directive

nova Session on Sustainability Certification – a Solid Basis for Reliable Green Claims

16 May 2024, 13:00-16:00 CEST, online

Looking for clarity amidst the sea of choices when shopping can be overwhelming. While consumers want to make informed and sustainable decisions, deciphering what’s truly sustainable and bio-based is often no easy task. That’s why trustworthy labelling and certification schemes are crucial – they guide consumers towards products that align with their values. 

Research by the nova-Institute underscores the importance of reputable labels, showing that consumers place greater trust in third-party verified certifications over private labels like “made of plants,” where greenwashing is a major concern. To truly resonate with consumers and business-partners, labels should seamlessly blend bio-based attributes with environmental information, offering a clear picture of a product’s sustainability performance and benefits.

Here label communication should focus on personal benefits for the consumer, added value and positive impacts and include information on bio-based (or renewable carbon) content in a future digital product passport.

A key task in this quest is raising awareness. Currently, most products are made from fossil carbon from the ground. In order to mitigate and end climate change producers and consumers should favour alternative carbon sources, especially biomass.

The upcoming three-hour nova-webinar will explore various avenues for sustainability certification in biomass and bio-based products. Participants will gain insights into navigating the evolving landscape, including upcoming requirements with the impending Green Claims Directive, and discover how to craft a compelling sustainability narrative that resonates with consumers, elevating brands’ commitments to a sustainable future.

nova Session on Sustainability Certification – a Solid Basis for Reliable Green Claims

16 May 2024, 
13:00-16:00 CEST


  • Dr. Asta Partanen (nova-Institute) –  Quo Vadis Sustainability Certification?
  • Nicolas Hark (nova-Institute) – EU Green Claims Directive – What Does it Mean for the Industry?
  • Jasmin Brinkmann (ISCC) –  Insights about the ISCC PLUS Certification Scheme and how to make Credible Claims
  • Erika Bartolomei and Gustavo Bacchi (SCS Global Services) – Biomass and Bio-based Products’ Sustainability Certification.

Topics will include:

  • Overview of the biomass sustainability certification landscape
  • Certification process and traceability, chain of custody models
  • Verification and certification requirements from the proposed Green Claims Directive
  • Practical examples from certificate scheme owner ISCC and certification body SGS Global


nova-Institut, original text, 2024-05-13.


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