nova-Experts introduced: Pauline Ruiz (M. Sc.)

Polymer science, Life Cycle Assessment and sustainable chemistry

Pauline_Ruiz_mediumPauline joined the nova team in April 2020 as a staff scientist in the sustainability department. With her background in polymer science and chemistry, she supports the nova-Institute in the fields of Life Cycle Assessments of chemicals, materials and processes and other sustainability assessments. In this context, she is involved in various European and national projects in the field of renewable carbon. Additionally, she supports the technology and markets department on projects related to polymers.

Background and expertise

Pauline is trained as a chemist and holds a master´s degree in polymer engineering from the European School of Chemistry, Polymers and Materials Science (ECPM) which belongs to the University of Strasbourg (France). Beside her education, she collected several years of industrial experience in project management and research and development in companies from various fields including the coating and rubber industries.


nova-Institut GmbH


nova-Institut GmbH


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