nova experts introduced: Olaf Porc (M.Sc.)

Biogenic feedstocks and techno-economic evaluations

Porc,Olaf,20_PortalOlaf is a staff scientist at nova-Institute since the beginning of 2020 and part of the Economy and Policy Department.

He is involved in several national and European projects, dealing with topics like global biomass potential or areas of the bio- and carbon economies. He is supporting these tasks with research, analysis and data collection, working with databases like Eurostat and FAOSAT. In addition, he has recently taken over responsibilities for techno-economic evaluations in various projects.

Background and expertise

Olaf completed his bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Bonn (Germany), where he acquired basic knowledge in the field of agriculture. In the subsequent master’s course in Crop Science, he further specialized his expertise in plant science. In his master’s thesis, for example, he dealt with the nematode infestation of heat-stressed tomato plants as part of phytomedicine.


nova-Institut GmbH, 21-06-07


nova-Institut GmbH


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