nova experts introduced: Niels de Beus

LCA, System analysis and modelling

Niels de Beus, M.Sc, studied biotechnology at Wageningen University (NL) with a focus on process technology and started working at nova-Institute afterwards. Besides specialising in process technology, he followed courses in many disciplines including economics and logistics. His Master thesis focussed on the modelling and optimisation of biorefineries in a Dutch agricultural system.

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Niels de Beus expert for LCA, system analysis and modelling, supports nova-Institute’s research activities with his knowledge in sustainability assessments, techno-economic evaluation and system analysis. He is experienced with programs such as MATLAB, Maple, SPSS, R, Simapro and e!sankey. Niels de Beus is project coordinator of PULP2VALUE within nova-Institute. The Horizon 2020 project, led by agro-industrial cooperative Royal Cosun, aims to demonstrate an integrated and cost-effective cascading biorefinery system to refine sugar beet pulp and isolate high value products for detergents, personal care, oil & gas, paints & coatings and composites. Nova-Institute is responsible for the sustainability assessment including market research, techno-economic evaluation, Life Cycle Assessment, and the establishment of a communication and dissemination strategy.
Furthermore, Niels de Beus is involved in European projects such as COSMOS and MultiHemp.

Other running projects:

COSMOS – COSMOS aims at reducing this dependence by turning the currently underutilised domestic oil crops camelina and crambe into profitable, sustainable, multipurpose, non-GMO European oil crops for the production of oleochemicals. In this project, nova is responsible for the dissemination and is conducting the techno-economic evaluation.

MultiHemp – the project aims to use genomic approaches to improve hemp productivity and advancing understanding of gene-to-trait relationships, combined with innovations in agronomy, harvesting and processing methods to generate sustainable products from improved varieties. The nova-Institute is responsible for the preparation of an integrated sustainability assessment of the envisaged hemp biorefinery based on a techno-economic analysis and a life cycle assessment (LCA) of the whole production chain.


Niels de Beus
Phone: +49 (0)2233-48-1468


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