nova experts introduced: Dr. Asta Partanen

Renewable materials, biocomposites, wood & cellulose, markets, marketing & consumer research, labelling & certification

Partanen,Asta,2020-webDr. rer. nat. Asta Partanen is one of the leading senior market experts on biocomposites as well as wood and cellulose-based materials in Europe.

Asta Partanen is part of the Economy and Policy Department. She currently manages several customer consulting projects as well as EU or national funded projects. Especially in the field of new product development she supports customers with her extensive experience in the market with knowledge of the consumer research and certification and labelling.

Supporting the nova communication team, she is managing the content of scientific programs of following nova conferences: The “Renewable Materials Conference” and the “International Conference on Cellulose Fibres”. In the conference team she is responsible for the innovation awards and supports the sponsoring activities. She is also contact person for the “International Directory for Bio-based Businesses (iBIB)”.

Background and expertise

Dr. Partanen did her PhD research on market opportunities of innovative wood-based composites in the German-speaking area. She holds a PhD in Forestry and Wood Science and is a well-known expert in the area of wood, cellulose and biocomposite markets, the political framework and questions regarding social acceptance, green premium prizes and standardization and certification in the wood and bio-based products area. She is the co-author of several leading market studies on bio-based and composite materials.


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