nova experts introduced: Andreas Kesenheimer

New head of the IT department.

Kesenheimer,Andreas,2020_kleinAndreas joined nova in October 2019 and after a brief period of orientation he took over the overall responsibility and management of the IT department. His responsibilities at nova include data centre operations, network restructuring, IT security and controlling, internal software development and user support. Furthermore, he is currently carrying out further optimisation and stabilisation measures of the IT landscape at nova. These include above all the modernisation of tools and platforms, as well as the simplification of processes. Andreas is also responsible for the technical implementation of the conferences held by nova-Institute.

Background and expertise:

After studying communications engineering at Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Andreas gained over 30 years of IT experience in various technologies and industries. Over the last 18 years he has worked as an IT manager and management consultant in the areas of software development, IT architecture, process consulting and IT project management of major projects in an international environment and in various industries.


nova-Institut GmbH


nova-Institut GmbH


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