Norner goes green. 2,5 MEUR grant to research on green packaging for the future

Looking for circular solutions: Norwegians fund green packaging project

Circular economy is high on the agenda but we need to further increase our efforts for development of new solutions. Norwegian researchers will now take action. Norner Research AS will lead “FuturePack”; a large research project for development of new technologies for bioplastics and recycling of plastics packaging. The project is financed by the Norwegian Research Council (NRC) and industrial project partners.

Grønt Punkt Norge AS (“Green Dot Norway plc”) took, on behalf of the industry, the initiative to establish the project and engaged Norner to lead the work to develop the content and a strong consortium of industrial and institute partners.

Plastics are important packaging materials where low weight/volume is combined with excellent protective properties for food in transport, retail and at consumers. Better protection prevents food wastage. But future packaging must become even more sustainable through increasing share of biobased and recycled materials. This will contribute to lower CO2 emissions, better resource utilisation and reduced littering. These topics are central to the FuturePack project.

Norner will cooperate with industry partners and other institutes. The participating institutes are Nofima, Paper and Fibre Research Institute (PFI), Østfoldforskning and NTNU IKP. The group of institutes together hold key competence in conversion of biomass to polymers, food packaging, food technology, polymer technology, recycling and plastics processing. The Norwegian industrial partners are Bama, BEWI, Elopak, Grønt Punkt, Norgesgruppen, Nortura, ROAF and Tine who represent various parts of the value chain of packaging, food production and recycling. Additionally, we have an exciting international advisory board including Ineos, Unilever and EPRO.

“Grønt Punkt Norge is responsible for financing the recovery and recycling of used packaging on behalf of the industrial sector. We see a significant need for increasing the development of new technology that can increase recycling of packaging, especially that which today is difficult to recycle. To achieve high goals, research is required, and we are proud that this project received grants from the research council.”, says Eirik Oland in Grønt Punkt Norge.

From left: CEO Tine Rørvik, Advisor Siw Bodil Fredriksen

“We have a strong strategic focus on sustainability and circular economy in the plastics value chain through projects in the field of recycling and biobased materials. By long term cooperation with our international clients we have also acquired significant competence in this field. However, more research and competence is needed to solve our global challenges and “FuturePack” is an important project to take new steps in the right direction.”, says Tine Rørvik, CEO of Norner.

“It has been inspiring and rewarding to work with the development of this project and all the positive response we have got from the industry shows that these partners puts sustainability very high on their agenda.”, says Dr. Siw Fredriksen, project manager and Senior Advisor in Green Technology at Norner.



Tine Rørvik
tel.: +47 97 05 05 32

Ole Jan Myhre
tel.: +47 90 75 67 25

Eirik Oland, Grønt Punk
tel.: +47 93 05 24 92


About Norner

Norner is a Global leader of industrial polymer R&D services based in Norway where we operate an advanced technology centre for development and testing. We strive to fulfil our vision of being the Polymer Explorers for our clients through a full service portfolio of R&D, laboratory and strategic advisory based on 40 years of industrial experience. Our key customer segments are petrochemicals, oil and gas, packaging, building and infrastructure and green technology. We contribute to increased profitability and improved sustainability for our clients.


Norner, press release, 2017-02-06.


Grønt Punkt Norge AS
INEOS Group Limited
Norner Research AS
NTNU IKP - Institutt for kjemisk prosessteknologi
Østfoldforskning AS
Plastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI)
ROAF - Forsiden - Romerike avfallsforedling IKS
The Research Council of Norway


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