Market Developments of and Opportunities for biobased products and chemicals

New study of nova-Institute

A news study of nova-Institute was written for NL Agency in order to analyse important global growth markets for bio-based materials and to identify the current position of the Netherlands as well as opportunities for new developments in these markets.

It is structured into four parts: First, market data will be provided for bio-based polymers, for Natural-Fibre-Reinforced Composites (NFC) and for Wood-Plastic Composites, which covers most of the important biobased growth markets identified by nova-Institute. Within the scope of the project, it was not possible to cover lubricants and surfactants, too, which are also increasingly bio-based and show significant growth. Biofuels and bioenergy are not covered by this report. For the first part, the bio-based polymers, results are presented from the market study “Bio-based Polymers in the World   Production, Capacities and Applications: Status Quo and Trends towards 2020” which was published in 2012 and which is continuously updated. The market report itself is several hundred pages long and consists additionally of a database of all producers of bio-based polymers worldwide, which is also regularly kept up-to-date.

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nova-Institut GmbH, 2014-01-01.


Agentschap NL (Netherlands Enterprise Agency (
nova-Institut GmbH


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