News from nova research: GreenPremium and EU Ecolabel

Findings summarized in Bioplastics MAGAZINE

A series of surveys on GreenPremium – first findings

In the framework of the European project BIOFOREVER, nova-Institute is conducting a number of surveys on GreenPremium prices for bio-based products and related questions on different generations of bio-based feedstock and different product segments. In October 2016, a first new survey was conducted. It focused on bio-based plastics only to have a reference to a similar survey in 2013. The results are quite unexpected.

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How labelling can promote market access for bio-based products

Open-Bio (Opening bio-based markets via standards, labelling and procurement) was an FP7 project that ran from 11/2013 until 10/2016. One aspect of the project was to investigate how labelling can help to promote market access for bio-based products. One of the most important outcome of the project was not to design a completely new label, but to suggest changes to the existing EU Ecolabel. The article summarizes the general issues that frame the whole exercise of creating an ecolabel for bio-based products and which should be clear to the community of policy makers, label experts, bio-based producers and consumer organizations.

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nova-Institut GmbH, 2017-01-11.


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