Newlight Expands Production Capacity for Sustainable Bioplastics Made From Greenhouse Gases

100,000-pound per year capacity expansion to meet customer demand for Newlight's cost-effective, high-performance, sustainable plastics

Newlight Technologies announced today the addition of 100,000-pounds per year in new production capacity on the company’s advanced-generation gas-to-plastic production line, which converts air and greenhouse gases into high-performance bioplastics that can significantly out-compete oil-based plastics on price.

Newlight’s expanded line is fully operational, and incorporates a range of patent-protected and patent-pending technologies, including the company’s most advanced resin functionalization and performance modification technologies. Plastics made from the line are currently being sold to customers with applications ranging from furniture parts and storage containers to film applications.

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Tags: sustainable plastics, carbon sources, wastewater, landfills, energy facilities, plastic resins, air, resin, polypropylene, polyethylene, ABS, TPU, biocatalyst-to-polymer efficiency


PRNewswire, 2012-10-11.


Newlight Technologies LLC
Northwestern University
Princeton University


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