New US guidelines on VCM – comment from the CEO of

Following the news that the US Government introduced new guidelines for high-integrity Voluntary Carbon Markets, we will offer a comment from Antti Vihavainen, CEO at

Antti Vihavainen, CEO, 

“The US Government’s framework to improve integrity of carbon offsets is a very positive indication of support for the voluntary carbon market (VCM). It’s clear that the statement hasn’t been made casually and follows careful consideration and assessment of the potential of positive impact brought by the VCM. We hope such move will reassure buyers of carbon credits that there is concerted effort by both the industry and policy makers to strengthen credibility of the industry.  

The US is well-positioned to become a global leader in the carbon removal market, both in removal projects and credit purchases. Now paired with these principles, the US is setting a precedent for integrity and transparency and we look forward to supporting American suppliers and buyers of carbon credits through this exciting time for carbon removals. 

Thankfully a massive amount of work towards the goal of building a high-integrity voluntary carbon market is already underway. As a leading global crediting platform for engineered carbon removals, has been working at the cutting edge of this work for the last five years, maintaining the highest verification standards for durable engineered carbon removals based on scientifically rigorous methodologies to ensure that the removal methods are truly carbon net negative.“ 


Nasdaq-backed is the world’s leading carbon crediting platform for engineered carbon removal. Its mission is to mobilize the economy to reward carbon net-negative emissions by helping voluntary corporate buyers accelerate carbon dioxide removal at an industrial global scale. Puro Standard creates carbon credit methodologies for processes that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for at least 100 years. It then certifies suppliers that run those processes and issues digital, tradable CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs) into the public Puro Registry per metric ton of carbon dioxide removed.


Wilful group, original text, 2024-04-29.

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