New sock collection featuring Recover™ shows that Arvin Goods leads the change in sustainable style

The latest launch features crew socks made from 79% recycled materials, including 43% recycled polyester and 36% Recover recycled cotton fiber

Arvin Goods, the Seattle-based responsible apparel brand, has announced the release of its latest sock collection, crafted from Recover™ recycled cotton fiber. Since launching in 2019, the company has been at the forefront of sustainable fashion and is one of the few brands in the market utilizing recycled materials for its entire collection.

The latest launch features crew socks made from 79% recycled materials, including 43% recycled polyester and 36% Recover recycled cotton fiber. Recover’s proprietary recycled fiber is one of the lowest-impact fibers available in the market, significantly reducing the carbon and water footprint of the apparel supply chain. Manufacturing just one pair of Arvin Goods socks made with 36% Recover fiber saves up to 18 gallons of water compared to a pair made with conventional cotton.

Boris Mercier, SVP Marketing at Recover, said, “Our ongoing work with Arvin Goods was born out of a shared belief in the importance of circular fashion that never sacrifices quality, feel, or style. As the ingredient brand of reference in recycled cotton, we aim to educate consumers to make more conscious choices and accelerate the adoption of sustainable initiatives within the casual wear segment.”

For each pair of socks, responsibility is the core of Arvin’s approach to the design, manufacturing, and distribution. As well as using low-impact impact recycled materials, responsibility was also prioritized in the value chain. Thanks to Recover’s strategic partnership with Ferre Yarns, based locally in Alicante, Spain the impact of transportation was also minimized.

Dustin Winegardner, Managing Partner at Arvin Goods, commented, “We have been working with Recover™, and the Ferre family of yarns since the beginning of Arvin Goods. Making it official like this and stamping the R on our packaging is an exciting step for our brand. Being able to source materials in Spain, and manufacture nearby in Portugal moves us further in our mission to deliver The Cleanest Basics on the Planet.”

Paqui Ferre, Sales and Marketing Director at Ferre, also commented, “Ferre has been working with Arvin Goods since the beginning of its history. In a clear commitment to sustainability, Arvin makes products using our most iconic yarn, FBlue. Consistent with our brand vision, FBLUE 100% recycled yarns deliver the perfect combination of circularity, performance, and color accuracy. A blend with Recover recycled cotton that answers the global call for sustainably sourced yarns while providing inspiring colors for Arvin Goods products.”

The new collection not only exemplifies Arvin Goods’ sustainable ethos but also provides customers with a stylish and comfortable choice for everyday wear. The brand continues to set a new standard for low-impact fashion, encouraging consumers to make conscious choices that positively impact the planet.

The Arvin Goods recycled fiber collection starts at $12 USD and is available to purchase through their website.

Find out more about the collaboration here.

About Arvin Goods

Established in 2019 Arvin Goods has set out to help clean up a dirty industry. By utilizing recycled base materials and minimizing the movement of materials in manufacturing they are reducing the impact of one of the world’s most consumed categories. Basics.

Arvin Goods produces comfortable on-trend products, that also happen to be the lowest-impact socks in the marketplace. Arvin Goods is based in Seattle, Washington USA.

About Recover™

Recover™ is a leading materials science company and global producer of low-impact, high-quality recycled cotton fiber and cotton fiber blends at scale. Its premium, environmentally friendly, and cost-competitive products are created in partnership with the supply chain for global retailers and brands, offering a sustainable solution to achieve circular fashion for all. As a fourth-generation, family-owned company, and backed by recent investment from STORY3 Capital and Goldman Sachs, Recover™ is on a mission to scale its proprietary technology to make a lasting positive impact on the environment and partner with brands/retailers and other change-makers to meet the industry’s sustainability targets.

About Ferre

Ferre is a fourth-generation family business with a history of more than 75 years innovating the manufacture of high-quality recycled yarns. Our open-end spin factory is based in Banyeres de Mariola (Alicante), Spain and the company, founded in 1947, has been innovating the cotton recycled spinning process ever since.

We work every day to improve our products and help our customers to maximize the full potential of our low-impact yarns, always guided for the commitment of making more with less. Ferre yarns stand out for their quality and low-impact products, bringing accurate and beautiful colours to the sustainable fashion value chain.


Arvin Goods, press release, 2024-02-15.


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