New report highlights growth of advanced biofuels in US

Free 3,000 word report looks into several key issues facing industry right now

Renewable Waste Intelligence have published a free municipal solid waste to biofuel report, which explores the current state of the market in the US.

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is increasingly being used to drive biofuels production in facilities across the US. Investment in advanced biofuels facilities is expected to rise again to $3.2 billion in 2012 and with household waste providing a flexible, plentiful and cheap option – more big players are set to join the fray.

To help this emergent industry develop further, Renewable Waste Intelligence has put together a free 3,000 word report, which looks into several of the key issues facing the industry right now. These include the current state of the market, policy drivers, investment and future demand.

The contributors for this free report are experts in their field and enjoy a broad and balanced perspective including:

  • Jason Blake, biomass marketing manager at Novozymes, who is in charge of supporting and maturing the advanced biofuels industry at Novozymes.
  • Steven Burke, CEO and President of the Biofuels Centre for North Carolina
  • Joanne Ivancic, executive director of Advanced Biofuels USA
  • Craig Stuart Paul, CEO of Fiberight, a developer of waste to biofuels solutions. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the waste and recycling industries.

In this time of economic turbulence, it is crucial that we focus on what makes financial sense. So this report centres on the strategic realities which are present in the waste to biofuels arena and gives a taster of the work Renewable Waste Intelligence is doing in this new area.

Please click here to download the free report.


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