New process for producing oils from seeds and plant materials using cryogenic means

Our company (A+P.E. Ltd) holds the world wide patent on producing oils from seeds and plant materials using cryogenic means. Our entire process
is done using cryogenic procedures.

Nothing ever reaches room temp before, during or after our process. Since our oils are obtained at very low temperatures (-50 C) Minus 50 degrees Celsius. All of the components put there by mother nature remain after separation, vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids which under normal and even under what is called cold press conditions heat the oils considerably. Vitamin e is added to pressed oils at the rate of 20% to keep the heat expressed oils from spoilage. Since our oils are never pressed or heated in anyway nor do they ever come in contact with solvents or chemicals, they contain all of the natural vitamins and fatty acids in original condition.

This is the only oil so derived in this manner. Your body will provide the first heat to these oils. No added preservatives(Vitamin E) no added anything. All the lipids and even the dna from the seeds is present. These oils retain the B vitamins naturally present in the seeds. The flour produced from the now defatted and de oiled seed material is as fine as any ground flour, but it has never been ground or heated. It is fine and light as confection flour is and keeps for years on shelf. The shells are available as pressed blocks suitable as insulation or brackets for fire.

No shell acids are present in oil and the normal bitter taste of hemp seed oil is gone, the Cryogenic oil now taste sweet like walnut oil. It is suitable for other processing and a good base for Gamma 3 mayonnaise and other products. The flour is used as wheat flour, but contains no wheat flour. (For wheat allergic people)

It bakes, makes pancakes or bread and has sweet nutty flavor, it can be used for cosmetic base or mixed back with oil for cheese food products. We believe oils once heated are 2nd hand items of commerce and will fall from favor. A package of the oil and the flour is being dispatched to you now. Please let us know when you have had a chance to examine the oil and flour.

Thank you for your ear and time. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at +41-1- 887 2328

In addition we would like to offer our services to you without charge for extraction of any materials you may need to research at the highest purity possible. None of our oils contain any other components of the plant. No chlorophyll or other water based items reach through the process.

Thank you again
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