New Fatty Alcohol technology plant from Lurgi planned in Indonesia

An Indonesian company called Domba Mas is planning to build a natural fatty alcohol plant in Medan in Indonesia. If the project goes ahead, the plant will use a wax-ester technology developed by Lurgi, whereby 2 molecules of fatty alcohol are reacted with 1 molecule of fatty acid, the excess alcohol then being recycled. Domba Mas is owned by a Chinese Indonesian called Satanto Lim, who has plantation interests in Sumatra, and who has close connections to the Indonesian banks. The fatty alcohol project is reputed to be a 50.000 tpa capacity plant, and will be built with an adjoining fatty acid factory. The total cost is estimated at $ 60-70 million. Because of the size of the project, no licence has yet been given by the Indonesian Government. If and when the licence is supplied, the project will take 2 1/2 years to complete. This is the second natural fatty alcohol plant in the planning stage in Indonesia. Sumi Asih are hoping to build a plant in Jakarta (see Oleoline reports of 2nd April 2001 and 27th April 2001) of 50.000 mt capacity with their partners Tira Austenite.

(Vgl. auch Meldung vom 2001-12-02.)

Source vom 2002-04-09.