Netherlands: 100% bio-based PET container for cosmetics

Dutch consortium developed high-performance PET from biomass

bildschirmfoto-2016-10-01-um-13-05-08A consortium of Dutch SME‘s and universities has developed a unique new way to produce a high-performance PET from biomass, resulting in a 100% biobased product. This BioPET100 can be used for high-performance applications including 3D printing and cosmetic packaging. During the 2nd Biobased Business Event at the Emmtec Industry & Businesspark in Emmen on September 22nd 2016, several so-called cosmetic containers were presented with the hoods made from BioPET100.

Groundbreaking development

This groundbreaking development is the result of an intensive innovation effort. The aromatic building blocks of the BioPET100 are made from glycerin from SunOil in Emmen. The glycerin was converted to bio-aromatics with the use of the catalytic pyrolysis technology of BioBTX, developed in close co-operation with the University of Groningen.

The bio-aromatics were purified and converted to PET precursors by Syncom in Groningen. The polymerisation was performed by Cumapol and API, both located in Emmen. The Stenden University of Applied Sciences contributed to this polymerisation. Finally, DuFor (Zevenaar; NL) conducted the injection molding at Aarts Plastic in Waalwijk (NL). This joint effort resulted in the first 100% biobased PET packaging container from secondary biomass resources.

Future perspective

This BioPET100 showcase marks a ground breaking development in biobased plastics. Never before was a secondary biomass feedstock converted in a polyester endproduct. This joint effort shows that it is possible to completely decouple the production of all plastics from fossil resources. The technology is fully scalable and the partners are working together to make this a reality.


Dufor, press release, 2016-09-22.


Aarts Plastic BV
api europe GmbH
Cumapol Emmen BV
DuFor Resins BV
Stenden University of Applied Sciences
Sunoil Biodiesel
University of Groningen


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