Mushroom® Packaging comes to Japan

Ecovative to exhibit Mushroom® Packaging at Tokyo Pack 2014, seeking sales and manufacturing partners

Ecovative is bringing Mushroom® Packaging, a premium, high performing, cost-competitive, and truly sustainable alternative to conventional plastic foam packaging, to Japan. It is an alternative to plastic protective packaging foams like EPE, EPP and EPS, but it is neither a plastic foam nor a bioplastic. It is actually grown from mycelium (mushroom “roots”) and low value crop waste.

Ecovative will be exhibiting Mushroom® Packaging at Tokyo Pack 2014 from 7 – 10 October 2014 at Tokyo Big Sight in booth number 3-47. Ecovative is seeking sales and manufacturing partners, and companies seeking an environmentally responsible packaging material for their products.

“Asia is a world leader in multiple industries, from designing and manufacturing high-tech products that require specialized packaging, to state of the art mushroom cultivation. We’ve had global customers asking us when we would be bringing Mushroom Packaging to Asia. We’re thrilled to be in a position now to grow global partnerships for Mushroom Packaging”, says Ecovative CEO Eben Bayer.

Mushroom® Packaging is a proven alternative to high-end fabricated plastic foams like EPE and molded packaging made from EPP, EPS, and paper pulp. This premium material is excellent for cushioning high end products, like consumer electronics, appliances, furniture, and industrial equipment. At the end of its life, Mushroom Packaging is compostable both at home and in industrial operations.

Through the partnership it formed in 2012 with Sealed Air Corporation, Ecovative is currently producing Mushroom® Packaging at its production facilities in Iowa and New York, USA.

Ecovative has already enjoyed great commercial success in North America with Fortune 500 companies, including Dell, Crate & Barrel and Steelcase. Mushroom® Packaging has won many prestigious awards in packaging, including the DuPont Packaging Innovation Diamond Award, the Greener Package “Innovator of the Year” award and Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New”.


About Ecovative

Ecovative, based in Green Island, New York, is the global leader in leveraging the unique properties of fungal mycelium to create high performing, cost competitive, and scalable alternatives to products like styrene and urea-formaldehyde.



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