Monitoring the bioeconomy: an introduction to the Biomonitor project

In celebration of the EU Green Week, the BioMonitor project will be hosting a webinar on 10 June about the latest results it has by far as they build a toolbox that will let stakeholders understand the European bieconomy’s influence in society and the planet

What are the counter measures we can take to steer positive change for the planet with the bioeconomy given the ecological limits we have right now? The BioMonitor project will be organising a webinar on 10 June, 14:30-16:00 CEST, in time for this year’s EU Green Week.

500x300px BANNERWithin the BioMonitor project, we developed a toolbox with models and other quantitative methods to facilitate the understanding of how the EU’s bioeconomy operates and influences future sustainability goals, such as meeting emissions reduction targets, decarbonising EU energy markets, producing safe and healthy food, and creating sustainable income and employment.

The BioMonitor Model Toolbox will capture assumed trends on consumer preferences, demographics, economy, technology, innovation, climate and environmental changes, which are subject to finite available resources. It will consider the behaviour of producers, consumers and policy makers, which will then be evaluated for their influence on the bioeconomy and its ability to reach sustainability goals.

Our upcoming webinar will offer a window to the impacts of the different trends and policy options we have made so far within the BioMonitor project. Our results will be used to assist policy makers in deciding what needs to be done to empower the emerging bioeconomy. Some of our partners will present a practical approach to the models that are being developed within the BioMonitor project. Also, a conceptual framework of the relations within the bioeconomy will be presented, aside from the novel Input-Output approach that we have recently published to illustrate the development of the national income share of the bioeconomy in 28 EU Member States (MS) and 16 industries.
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BioMonitor, 21-05-31


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