Midwestern Pet Foods launches new Earthborn Holistic® VentureTM brand pet food line offering sustainable packaging utilizing Braskem’s I’m Green Polyethylene

Expanding its portfolio of pet food lines, Midwestern Pet foods adds sustainable packaging to its story to further increase its presence in the growing pet nutrition market

Bildschirmfoto 2017-09-12 um 14.13.32Braskem, the largest producer of biopolymers in the world, today announces that Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. has launched its new Earthborn Holistic® VentureTM brand pet food line offering sustainable packaging produced by Peel Plastics Products Ltd., utilizing Braskem’s I’m Green bio based Polyethylene (PE). Peel Plastics manufactures the new Earthborn Holistic® VentureTM pet food bags, utilizing Braskem’s bio-based polyethylene, helping mitigate the carbon footprint associated with its packaging.

Jeff Nunn, Midwestern Pet Foods President, states, “We’re excited to incorporate the PlantBag® in the all-new Earthborn Holistic® VentureTM line. In addition to underscoring Midwestern Pet Foods’ commitment to sustainability, consumer response to our new PlantBag® has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.”

Braskem’s I’m GreenTM Polyethylene (PE) is a bio-based resin made from ethanol, a renewable and sustainable resource produced from Brazilian sugarcane, that is a drop-in substitute for conventional oil-based polyethylene. Cultivation of sugarcane utilizes carbon dioxide (CO2) and releases oxygen (O2), which means I’m Green Polyethylene has a negative carbon footprint. The use of Braskem’s I’m Green bio-based plastic in the production of one ton of Venture pet food packaging equates to 3.09 tons of CO2 captured from the atmosphere from a cradle to Braskem gate life cycle perspective.

Will Troost, Account Manager at Peel Plastics, stated, “Peel Plastics is very happy to partner with Midwestern Pet Foods, a long-standing customer, and Braskem as we focus on advanced solutions for sourcing renewable packaging materials. Peel Plastics continues to enable its clients to bring innovative new products to market by implementing cutting-edge technologies to incorporate the use of bio-based PE into their clients’ packaging bags.”

Gustavo Sergi, Renewables Director at Braskem, commented, “North America is gaining momentum in terms of its use of sustainable green PE. It is encouraging that North America is catching up to other regions of the world with visionary companies such as Midwestern Pet Foods and Peel Plastics taking the lead to a more sustainable consumer lifestyle. Stay tuned, you will only see more of these launches in the coming months and years.”

About Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc.

Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. is an Indiana based, family owned business producing trusted dog and cat nutrition as well as biscuits and treats under the Earthborn Holistic® VentureTM, Earthborn Holistic®, PRO PAC® UltimatesTM and Sportmix® WholesomesTM brands. Midwestern Pet Foods produces safe, innovative recipes using carefully sourced ingredients prepared in its kitchens in the United States. In addition to the proprietary PlantBag®, consumers may redeem Earthborn Holistic® VentureTM UPCs to take advantage of Midwestern Pet Foods’ popular UPCs for Trees Program through which, to date, some half a million trees have been planted in deforested areas worldwide. Finally, in association with innovative recycler TerraCycle®, all Earthborn Holistic® VentureTM packaging is 100% recyclable.

About Peel Plastics Products Limited

For over 35 years, Peel Plastic Products has been a recognized leader in flexible packaging solutions and process innovation. Peel is a manufacturer of custom packaging solutions, working with a number of North America’s most recognizable brands. As a responsive supply partner, their products provide solutions that are unique, industry relevant and brand specific. Peel invests a significant amount of time and energy to better understand the needs and desires of today’s fast-moving consumers and brand owners. Peel’s commitment to become experts in their core markets makes them a natural extension of your team.

About Braskem

Braskem is one of the world’s leading plastics and chemical companies with 41 industrial plants in Brazil, the United States, Germany and Mexico.
Braskem is the largest producer of thermoplastic resins in the Americas and the leading producer of biopolymers in the world, creating more environmental-friendly, intelligent and sustainable solutions through chemicals and plastics. Known for innovative solutions such as I’m green PolyethyleneT made from renewable sugarcane and UTEC®, the company’s own trademarked Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene for high performance applications, Braskem’s products and technologies enable the automotive, packaging, healthcare, and construction industries to produce goods that enhance quality of life for people around the world. Braskem America is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Braskem S.A. headquartered in Philadelphia. The company is the leading producer of polypropylene in the United States, with six production plants located in Texas, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and an Innovation and Technology Center in Pittsburgh.


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