MicroPep Technologies joins Toulouse White Biotechnology to accelerate the development of biostimulants and natural herbicides

MicroPep develops biostimulants and natural herbicides to propose a real alternative to chemical pesticides and fertilizers most widely used in agriculture

The ambition of MicroPep, founded in 2016 and laureate of the World Innovation Competition, is to develop biostimulants and natural herbicides by means of molecules that can regulate plant metabolism. In order to benefit from a favourable research environment, MicroPep has just joined Toulouse White Biotechnology (TWB). It is the 4th start-up welcomed by TWB, whose objective is to speed up the development of industrial biotechnology, by providing in particular support to the “nuggets” of tomorrow.


INRA Centres, press release, 2017-05-09.


French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA)
Toulouse White Biotechnology (TWB)


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