Micromidas tackling bio-based PET

Company using highly efficient and inexpensive process for direct conversion of cellulosic biomass

Developing a completely plant-based PET requires conquering the elusive, commercially viable bio-based purified terephthalic acid.

Micromidas Inc., a startup based in West Sacramento, Calif., is hoping to reach that goal by swapping typical building blocks of corn or sugar cane for old corrugated cardboard, paper sludge and rice hulls.

… Full text: www.plasticsnews.com/article/20130607/NEWS/130609934/micromidas-tackling-bio-based-pet

Tags: cellulosic streams, sugar, PTA, fermentation, metaxylene, orthoxylene, paraxylene, BioPlastek Forum, zeolite beta, high-purity


Plastics News, 2013-06-10.


Micromidas Inc.
Schotland Business Research Inc.
University of California, Davis
University of Massachusetts Amherst


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