Microbial Perfume

Rather than rely on plant-derived products, biotech companies are engineering bacteria and yeast to produce ingredients for fragrances

A number of biotech companies are looking to supplement plant-derived fragrances by engineering bacteria and yeast to produce commercial scents, potentially changing how the industry sources its products.

Although the ability to produce scents in large quantities is still in development, a number of biotech companies including Allylix, Isobionics, and Evolva, are hoping to create plant-derived scents using engineered microbes.

… Full text: the-scientist.com/2012/07/23/microbial-perfume/

Tags: bioengineering, fragrance, smell, cell biology, molecular biology, ecology, fragrance, genetics, genomics, microbiology, plant biology


TheScientist, 2012-07-23.


Allylix, Inc.
Evolva Holding AG
Isobionics B.V.


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