Meredian, Inc., Global Leader in Biopolymer Manufacturing Announces Position As the Sole Recipient of FDA Approval for Food Substance

Innovative biopolymer manufacturer totally prepared to move forward with production

BAINBRIDGE, GA- Meredian, Inc., a privately held biopolymer manufacturer, received a Food Substance Contact Notification approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This approval certifies that certain biopolymers expertly crafted by Meredian, Inc. are entirely safe to use as food containers and storage for the general public. Meredian, Inc., is positioned as the world’s largest manufacturer of PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate), and the only one worldwide whose MCL-PHA (medium-chain-length PHA) is approved for food substance contact. Meredian, Inc. is consequently ready to move forward with the production of the pelletized raw material supply for manufacturing a wide range of completely safe and totally biodegradable bioplastic containers, bottles, films and coatings.

Many Fortune 500 companies seek Meredian, as they become aware of the global transition toward utilizing sustainable materials. Biodegradability is an increasingly important and legislated consideration in many facets of global commerce and regulation, and Meredian, Inc. is now fully approved to make an even greater impact in the global arena of sustainability. “Meredian, Inc. could not be more thrilled with our approval from the FDA, and honored to be first to receive this approval with this particular MCL-PHA product. This is just another step forward in our efforts to produce industry-leading biodegradable products. We are confident that we can make an impact that will change the way in which the world views our replacement for plastics,” says Dr. Paul Pereira, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Meredian, Inc.

Meredian’s approval by the FDA heralds a new and exciting period for this impressive company. Over 150 patents and applications have helped establish Meredian, Inc. as the world-leader in reactive extrusion and PHA biopolymer applications. Meredian’s unique capability to customize biopolymers to their clients’ needs also helps separate the company from other manufacturers. “The nexus of our success lies in our ability to create effective partnerships with our clients. Taking them through each stage of production, from conceptualization to market entry, we fully understand what makes a safe biodegradable product not only necessary and desirable, but truly competitive,” says Dr. Paul Pereira.

Overall, Meredian, Inc. understands the industry-wide need for a truly biodegradable biopolymer with the unique properties of this MCL-PHA which allow it to be considered totally safe and entirely biodegradable. Combine Meredian, Inc.’s impressive patent list, innovative client model and zeal for authentic sustainability with its recent FDA Food Substance Contact approval, and Meredian, Inc. is undoubtedly poised to have an incredible impact on the world of bioplastics.

About Meredian, Inc.
Meredian, Inc. is a privately held Georgia corporation which manufactures PHA biopolymers using renewable resources, further reducing the global dependence on petroleum historically used in production of plastics. Meredian, Inc. was formed by the principles following the success of its sister company, DaniMer Scientific, LLC. DaniMer Scientific was formed in 2004 to bring innovative solutions to the world by way of the use of biopolymer materials in traditional plastic applications. These companies are supported by a world class group of dedicated, highly skilled team members. With the addition of Meredian PHA biopolymers, the two companies offer a comprehensive selection of biopolymers that supports their core values of utilizing sustainably produced, renewable resource based polymers to improve people’s lives at work.


Meredian, Inc., press release, 2014-04-02.


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